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Always perform a visual assessment for tyres before driving, and inspect more closely every 3-4 weeks. Quick checks can improve driving safety and comfort, and extend the life of tyres.

We recommend changing all of the tyres at the same time. In some cases two tyres can be changed: either both front tyres or both rear tyres. In these cases, the new tyres should be the same brand and model as the old tyres to ensure safety and maneuverability.

Yes, SnapSkan scanning and the related service can be used for free. Parking garages price their parking services individually. You can also request a free scan using a handheld SnapSkan scanner at many Vianor service centers which you can find from here . Read more about SnapSkan Watch video!

SnapSkan is a service by Nokian Tyres that aims at improving road safety through driving awareness of your tires' condition and their impact on safety. The service is completely free of charge and it can be used by anyone regardless of the vehicle make and model or tire brand. Read more about Sn…

In slippery conditions, the car’s breaking distance is longer and handling becomes more difficult. Tyres are unable to move water, snow and slush out of the way, losing the feeling of road contact.

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